Electronic Devices That You Cannot Travel Without

Somehow, packing for a journey is always kind of stressful. As excited as we are about our travels, the anxiety that packing involves always manages to dim it or at least reduce it a bit. It’s probably because we’re never sure if we’ll have to use a particular thing once we get to our destination; be it clothes or electronics.

And so, as a result, we manage to over pack at least a few items.
But the thing is, depending on the nature of travel, we can’t always be bogged down by our things. This is especially true if you intend to backpack your way through, or are only planning on carrying one small bag for the journey due to a certain reason. Here are a few electronics that we feel we cannot travel without.

The mobile phone.
Truly, we can’t even remember the time when carrying a mobile phone wasn’t necessary. It handles and manages everything from our relationships to our work—at least, it helps us to do it hassle free. Most smart phones have a good camera, so it can double as a camera for your travels as well. Just remember to have your charger on with you, and to arm your phone with a micro SD card in Singapore of sufficient capacity so that you don’t end up over crowding your phone and slowing it down.

A means to back it up.
If you’re travelling for a meeting, then carrying all your meeting related documents safely definitely falls under the priority category. An external hard disk is definitely a worth investment for someone who has to carry around a lot of data. Even if you are not travelling for work, having one of these in your bag filled with movies for entertainment purpose can certainly come in handy for those long, boring journeys. Pair it with a USB-micro SD cable, and you’ll be able to use it for your phone as well.

A pocket router.
Admit it, even a few days without the internet sounds a little scary. It almost feels like someone’s asking you to disconnect from the world. If you or your travel companions have strong mobile data, then a pocket router can come in pretty useful. The advantage in this is that most of them are built pretty small and easy travel friendly. Of course, if your smart phone is hotspot friendly, then this is not necessary wither.

A good quality sound cancelling headset.
We don’t know if this is considered an electronic device or not, but we definitely can’t travel without it. Any plain old headphone will work. But given a choice, we’d go for a noise cancelling headphones. A good quality noise cancelling headphone can come in very useful; especially during uncomfortable plane rides. We love that we can just slip it on, and the world and everything around us just falls away…!